Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Why a blog on this matter?

In order to start the discussion about the definition of an European Citizenship, there is the need of having a public agenda on this matter. The challange is that there is no urgence - and it will never be - for such a discussion from inside a national society. Because the whole point is about affirming and exending the political rights for individual persons which - by definition- are external to the national political arena and generally not organized in any form, this instance will be never raised from the inborn part of the society, that part of a national population who owns the full spectrum of political rights and has the power of setting the priorities for any new legislation. Therefore, such an agenda must be set by other means, the organization must come in other forms, the definition of a common cross-national identity must arise from the outside circle, making use - at least in the first stages of the process - mainly of non governative but equally pervasive channels. The blogsphere has all these requisites and can gather the critical-mass needed to contribute to a collective over-national conscience.

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